Dog Boarding Rates & Policies

Current daily rate for all dogs is $50.00

(as of 6/28/2023)

The Daily Rate includes:

  • A large indoor/outdoor, climate controlled, private and secure suite with a clean bed and bedding. Soothing 24-hour classical music throughout.
  • Up to two (2) meals per day, per your specifications. We offer super premium dry and canned foods. You may bring your dog’s prescription diet. Each meal must be individually packaged and labeled with your dog’s name.
    Do not combine medications and/or supplements with food.
  • Multiple individual outings to our grass yards each day. Dogs from the same family may enjoy these times together if desired.

Check-in and Check-out hours are:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday:
9AM-Noon / 4PM-6PM


Boarding charges apply day of arrival. No charge for day departure IF departure is before NOON.

Check-out time is 12:00 P.M.
Sunday is a full day charge.

Our business office is closed and there are no arrivals or departures on major holidays: New Year’s Eve and Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the day after, Christmas Eve and Day.
There may be additional closures…please ask!

Reservations made prior to 6/28/2023 will be honored at previous rate.

Custom Services:

One-on-one play, walk or pamper sessions$10.00 per session
Medicinal and Supplements administration$2.00 each dose (Insulin shots $7.00 each)
Extra / Complex feedings$3.00 per feeding and up
Special CareAs Quoted
Raw dietCurrent per pound price
Medical doses$3 per administration

Cancellation policy: Our policy is “Pay For Reserved.” A valid VISA or MasterCard must be on file for all clients as payment guarantee. A deposit may be required. For stays not involving major holidays, to avoid charge, cancellation and /or changes in arrival and/or departure times or dates must be made at least 48 hours prior to scheduled arrival. Stays which include major holidays or any dates within 7 days prior to or after, require a 7 day prior to scheduled arrival minimum notice. Without said notice you are responsible for and authorize charge to your credit card provided as guarantee, the daily rate for each pet, for each day reserved, including charges for requested services. A minimum charge of $50.00 per dog is applicable.

Payment for all services is due in full at departure. We accept cash, VISA or MasterCard. This charge and the balances owing may be charged to your credit card provided as guarantee.

Long-term boarding, (30 or more days), must be paid in advance each 30 days. A 10% discount will be applied. Dogs staying 30 or more days will be bathed at owner’s expense each 30-day period.

Aerial overview of our facilities.

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